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Hi My name is Stephen Faulkner I am a Distributor of Hempworx CBD Oil. I started with Hempworx because I was over weight, Borderline Diabetic and multiple other issues. Since I starrted my Journey in January of 2018 I have Lost 35 LBS, I am off of most of my medications and feeling Better Every Day Here is my before and after pictures

before   After            disclaimer

Im still on my journey but I will see my goal of 190 very soon.      
Other things I have used CBD Oil for:
I was stung by a bee put some CBD Oil on it the sting went away quickly
My Sensitive Teath do not hurt when swishing the oil in my mouth.
I had a burn put oil on did not blister and the sting went away.
There are many uses for this product and Im sure you will love it as much as I do. Its been truely Life chanign for me.

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